Carolina GYNNING has painted for as long as she can remember.

For as long as Carolina Gynning can remember, she has been a painter. The easel was always nearby in the creative southern Sweden home she grew up in, where free-spirited inspiration flowed especi-ally through her mother Agneta and great-uncle Lars, both renown artists alike. During Carolina’s childhood years, her mother’s studio was the natural place to spend time in. By the tender age of 15, young Gynning held her very first exhibition.

Vibrant portraits and personal impressions from transformative events have become Carolina’s hall-mark. Motifs reflect women she has encountered or the women who exist within her. Repeatedly con-veyed are strong bordering on stark emotions often stemming from fragments of poignant stories from Carolina’s private life. All pieces bear carefully selected titles, as Carolina seeks to permeate themes in every detail.

Through her work Carolina processes events and experiences from her fast-paced, oftentimes turbu-lent life. By surrendering herself entirely to this creative process and candidly channeling emotions, she seldom knows beforehand how her thoughts will manifest on canvas. Or in the words of Carolina herself: “I paint my way through it all”.

Over the years, Carolina’s signature portrait style has evolved. The colours are now brighter, the lines clearer. A development which runs parallel with Carolina’s own progress from boundless, pioneering media fixture yet fragile soul in the shadows behind spotlights, to the Carolina Gynning of today and tomorrow – perpetually exploring outer and inner worlds as both introvert and extrovert, but now as the pilot of her own private jet.

And as Carolina has grown as an artist, so has the word about her work spread steadily through many well received exhibitions in Sweden and beyond. The exposition at Kulturen in Lund, close to her hometown, is a milestone worth special mention as three generations of Gynning artistry were shown side be side – the textile works of Lars Gynning (1920-2003), the sculptures of Agneta Gynning (1952 and onwards) and the paintings as well as video by Carolina (1978 and onwards). Carolina also engages in social good with her art as platform. In 2014 she became an ambassador for the organisat-ion Non-Violence, and contributed by interpreting Carl Fredrik Reuterswärds iconic The Knotted Gun in her painting Fly Free for Peace.

In 2017, Carolina Gynning’s art is showcased during OpenArtCode Tokyo at Tokyo Metropoli-tan Art Museum. Her work has previously been featured via for example GemlucART,Monaco at the Auditorium Rainier III (2015), Kulturen in Lund, Sweden, and Ibiza, Spain (2016, 2017).

Carolina Gynning devotes herself full time to creative endeavours, with art as a primary vocation, and jewellery as well as interior design as a secondary expressive outlet. Additionally, she has published four best-selling books, played a leading role in Jesper Ganslandt’s film Blondie (2012) and in 2017 she stars in tv-series Torpederna, directed by Måns Herngren and Jens Sjögren. Carolina Gynning is a firm believer in a non-violent world, and uses her creativity and platform for social good.